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About Manizales, Colombia

Safety tip: Money

The currency of Colombia is Colobian pesos COP.

Visitors are able to exchange their money or use their international credit card without any issue. Nevertheless, we strongly recommend to bring US dollar to easy the exchange process upon arrival.

Immigration requirements

Citezens from some countries must apply for a visa to come to Colombia. Please contact the Colombian consulate on your country to get updated information of visa constraints.

Practical Guidelines

The official money in Colombia is the Colombian Peso (peso colombiano) which ISO official acronym is COP. No other money is accepted in most part of Colombia so the careful visitor must always carry pesos in their wallets. Most money brokers are used to American dollars which is the preferable money for exchange. The best fare can be obtained in Bucaramanga although the airport has a good service of money brokers.

From Bucaramanga Palo Negro Airport to the camping site the recommended transportation is taxi which will cost from $35,000 COP up to $45,000 COP depending on the amount of luggage and the arrival time.

Local Information

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The official language spoken in Colombia is Spanish.


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The stay in Colombia

Acommodation and meals

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